How do we “make room” for Christ?

Our new house in Virginia has an extra room upstairs, nestled in between our bedroom and the children’s rooms. I had this grand idea to turn the room into a creating space.  I planned to put our scratched up kitchen table in there, and it would magically become this place to write and draw and wonder and make mistakes.  A place where it’s okay to lay out all of the paper, get out all of the paint, and cover the floor with splatters and chalk dust and thread. So the day before the moving truck arrived, I gathered my vision […]


hugs & why God made you who you are

Have you ever taken the “5 Love Languages” Test?  You know the one based on the Gary Chapman book that helps you determine how you naturally “give” and “receive” love?  (If you haven’t, you should.) Well, I’ve taken it and my primary love language is TOUCH.  Yes, “touch.”  I feel loved when you hug me, or kiss the top of my head, or (yes, even) give me an affectionate tap on the shoulder.  I’m pretty much like a pet in that regard. The difficult thing is that I’m single, and when you’re single, and you live far away from your […]